Sci-Fi Pakistan+ concept art by OmarGilani

2 years 7 months ago

All fans of sci-fi and fantasy should keep an eye on these Pakistan+ Sci-Fi concept art a series of illustrations called ‘Pakistan+’ which shows how Pakistan would look like in a sci-fi virtual environment. Omar Gilani is an illustrator, designer, and concept artist currently based in Lahore, Pakistan. More details at All image are copyright by the artist. Check out Omar's amazing Sci-Fi Pakistan concept art series below.

Shahid Hussain

Shahid Hussain is a frontend developer and UX Consultant living and working in Sweden. Shahid is specializes in JavaScript development and developed anything from WordPress websites to complex e-commerce JavaScript applications. Shahid can also sketch, from websites to apps and icons, even print material. He works on content-centric, and mobile products, as well as cross-portal user experiences. Photography, music and travelling can trigger his attention.