1 year 5 months ago

Website Design Rules for Success!

Today I wanted to show off my rules for designing and building successful website. The following article explains my approach to successful website design. These are the basic ingredients to create a website.  It seems might be long but you can skip to whatever section you like and if you are seriously considering a web site; don't skip "The Rules." Let’s get started!

3 years 1 month ago

12 Reasons You Should Let Your Employees Play Games [Infographic] by the team at Liberty Games

Work can be stressful -- long hours, long to-do lists, tight deadlines. With all the chaos, it’s on leaders to do what they can to prevent burnout among employees. Stress is not known to foster creativity, fast reactions, or flexible thinking. Unfortunately, stress is an inescapable aspect of work, and it’s inevitable that that stress becomes associated with the work place. Fortunately, there is something that fosters creativity, fast reactions, and flexible thinking that is very easy to introduce into the work environment. You guessed it: games.